According to applicable restrictions, Bouncing Bubbles Child Care will grant paid holiday time off to all eligible employees immediately upon hire. Holiday pay will be calculated based on the employee’s straight-time pay rate (as of the date of the holiday) times the number of hours the employee would have worked on that day.

Paid holidays are as follows:

  • New Year’s Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • To be eligible for holiday pay you must have worked your scheduled hours the days before and after the holiday. If a recognized holiday falls during an eligible employee’s unpaid absence, no holiday pay will be provided.

Workers’ CompensationBouncing Bubbles Child Care provides a workers’ compensation program to our employees. The program reimburses certain out-of-pocket costs and may provide reimbursement for lost wages sustained as the result of injuries sustained in the course of employment.

If you are injured or think you have been injured while working, no matter how slightly, you must report the injury immediately to your employer to protect your eligibility for compensation and alert Bouncing Bubbles Child Care to any potential workplace hazards.

Workers’ compensation is intended to cover only work-related injuries. Because of this, neither Bouncing Bubbles Child Care nor the program will be liable for the payment of workers’ compensation benefits for injuries that might occur outside of work or during employees’ voluntary participation in off-duty recreational, social, athletic or community-based activities, even if sponsored by Bouncing Bubbles Child Care.

Sick Time

Bouncing Bubbles Child Care provides up to 3 (three) days per calendar year of unpaid sick time for regular full-time and part-time employees. Sick time is provided for the purpose of allowing employees to take time off for medical reasons. Acceptable medical reasons include the employee’s own illness or injury, and that of a child, parent, or spouse who is ill or injured.

  • Employees are responsible for recording sick time used.
  • Sick leave does not carry over from year to year.


Bouncing Bubbles Child Care provides unpaid vacation time to all regular full-time and part-time employees during the weeks that the facility is closed.   These weeks are typically in July and December – exact dates will be determined by January 1 for that calendar year.