Employee Conduct

Computer Use

Use of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care’s computer and telecommunication resources and other organization equipment by a person who is not properly authorized is not permitted.

Electronic Communication

All communications transmitted by, received from, or stored in Bouncing Bubbles Child Care’s computer systems are considered to be the property of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care. The following apply to use of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care’s computer and telecommunication resources and services:

  • Employees must comply with all software licenses, copyrights, and all other state and federal laws governing intellectual property.
  • Employees should not alter or copy files belonging to others without first obtaining permission from the owner of the file.
  • No personal right of privacy exists in any file contained within or transmitted by Bouncing Bubbles’ computers. Bouncing Bubbles Child Care reserves the right to monitor the operation of these systems, to access all records within them, and to retain or dispose of those records as it deems necessary.
  • Electronic communication (e-mail, voice mail, internet, etc.) should not be used in any way that is disruptive, offensive to others, harmful to morale, fraudulent, harassing, embarrassing, indecent, profane, obscene, intimidating or unlawful. Specifically prohibited are sexually explicit materials, ethnic or racial slurs, or anything that may be construed as disparaging of others based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, citizenship, veteran status, marital status, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by applicable state, federal or local laws. This also applies to downloading, displaying or storing of such materials in Bouncing Bubbles Child Care’s computers.
  • The computer and telecommunication resources and services of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care may not be used for the transmission or storage of commercial or personal advertisements, solicitations, promotions, destructive programs (viruses and self-replicating code), religious, or political material.
  • The computer and telecommunication resources and services of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care may not be used by employees for personal purposes. The use of computers and other telecommunication resources of employees on the premises of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care is prohibited, with the exception of personal cell phones (see Phone Usage/Cell Phone Policy).
  • Employees are responsible for safeguarding their passwords for the system. Individual passwords should not be printed, stored online, or given to others. Employees are responsible for all transactions made using their passwords.
  • The rules in this Employee Handbook on confidentiality and electronic communication extend to social media to the extent it is used on our equipment.
  • Employees may not “friend” or otherwise engage in exchanges on social media (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with children and/or their families enrolled at Bouncing Bubbles Child Care. Employees may not identify Bouncing Bubbles Child Care as their employer on social media.

Outside Employment

Bouncing Bubbles Child Care expects that all of its employees will be professionally committed to their position and responsibilities. Bouncing Bubbles Child Care also supports employees who wish to engage in outside employment or community related activities, as long as such efforts do not create a conflict of interest or interfere with the regular and punctual fulfillment of your work with Bouncing Bubbles Child Care.

Caring for any child enrolled at Bouncing Bubbles Child Care beyond normal operating hours and at a location other than Bouncing Bubbles Child Care is prohibited.

Personal Appearance

Employees have a direct impact on the image of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care and should appear neat, clean, and dressed appropriately for the work being performed. Please check with your employer for more information on workplace attire expectations.

Phone Usage/ Cell Phone Policy

Personal calls and text messages should be kept to a minimum and should not interfere with the employee’s work. Other than in an emergency situation, personal calls and texts may only be conducted during breaks and must be conducted beyond the vicinity of children. Excessive use of the phones during work time will result in discipline.

In order to maintain a safe and professional workplace, cell phone use for personal phone calls, answering personal email, texting, taking photographs or surfing the internet is not permitted. However, there may be times when a cell phone will be required for safety when off-site during walks or trips outside of the premises. These instances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Taking photographs of children, families and the facility and property of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care on the personal cell phone or other personal device of an employee of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care is strictly prohibited.

Political Activity

You can participate in political activities as long as it does not conflict with your work performance, or federal or state law and you make it clear in your interactions that you are acting as a private citizen, not representing Bouncing Bubbles Child Care.


Employees are not permitted to have visitors at Bouncing Bubbles Child Care unless previously authorized by Chrissie.


Due to the risk of injury or illness, employees are not allowed to bring pets or other animals onto the Bouncing Bubbles Child Care premises.

Staff Wellness

The staff of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care will practice healthy eating and active living in an effort to be positive role models for the children and families we serve. What you do makes a difference! Research shows that kids learn by watching those around them. They learn about eating habits, attitude towards food, how they should feel about their bodies, and how to be physically active (or inactive).

Be healthy role models by:

  • Eating healthy foods
  • Limiting the use of handheld devices
  • Participating in physical activity with the kids
  • Drinking water and/or milk