Job Description

Ensure the safety of all children in care.

Provide assistance as needed and assigned with all children in care.

Assist children with self-help skills, such as hand-washing, toileting, eating, etc., in a positive manner at the child’s pace.  Use verbal guidance and encouragement as appropriate with children over 2½. Physically assist children under 2½, using verbal description of task.

Attend to babies’ schedules (eating, sleeping, bottle-feeding, diapering, etc.).

Model, teach and encourage self-regulation and conflict resolution skills with children using the Conscious Discipline method.

Model, teach and encourage appropriate language skills.  Talk with them and ask open-ended questions.  Listen to them.

Read to children, play with children and guide their skill development.

Record observations daily using the Teaching Strategies Gold Objectives for Learning and Development.

Create and prepare curriculum as assigned.

Attend professional development trainings as assigned.

Collaborate with professional agencies and consultants as required.

Attend family engagement activities.

Follow all State of Maine Family Childcare Licensing Rule requirements.

Follow applicable Head Start Program Performance Standards and NAFCC Accreditation Quality Standards.