Nature-based play is a fundamental childhood experience. The outdoors is full of rich sensory stimulus and opportunities for exploration are endless. It is our belief that children should spend as much time outside as possible where they can swing, slide, roll, climb, jump, run, throw, kick, bounce, balance, travel, ride, transport and move slowly. In nature they can watch, wonder, discover and just feel differently. We want children to take risks and become problem-solvers. This develops resilience and we support their experimentation.

Throughout the summer, we will be transforming our outdoor play space to a more natural playground, thanks to the generous support of Home Start. You will see less plastic. You will see more dirt, logs, rocks and plants. You will be greeted by messy kids and will probably be offered a mud pie at some point.

Our plan includes a mud kitchen, a work bench with tools, a sandbox, a dirt pile, a sensory garden, swings, climbing stumps, a sensory path and much more. The design plan is posted on the wall and we welcome questions, ideas and concerns. Although the design includes a clean-up station, a change of clothes for every child, every day is super important. Expect clothes to get dirty and wet.

As adults think back to their own childhood, many remember exploring in the woods or making dirt roads in the driveway for rock cars or creating a fort with trees and branches. Our goal is to allow the kids at Bouncing Bubbles those same opportunities. It would be amazing for kids to choose to go outside to play, rather than choosing to focus on a screen.