Welcome to Bouncing Bubbles Child Care! It is my vision to provide your child with a fun early-childhood program within a safe home environment.
My philosophy of childcare is to provide an environment for the child:

  • Where children feel safe, happy and loved
  • Where play based learning happens with a balance of child-led and teacher-led activities
  • Where exploration and discovery are encouraged
  • Where each child is celebrated as an individual with their own unique abilities, learning style, needs and interests
  • That encourages socialization as well as independent play, reinforcing positive values

My philosophy of family-centered childcare is to provide for families:

  • Open and honest communication about your child
  • Up-to-date information about your child’s activities
  • An attitude of teamwork in areas relating to your child’s development

My background gives me the support to bring about my philosophy, including:

  • More than 20 years of experience in family child care
  • AS degree in Early Childhood Education
  • National accreditation from NAFCC (National Association for Family Child Care)
  • Home Start provider
  • A Step 4 Certificate of Quality from the State of Maine Quality Rating System
  • CDA (Child Development Associate) Credential
  • Maine Inclusion Credential
  • Maine Youth Development Credential
  • Maine Infant Toddler Credential II
  • 5210 Let’s Go! Gold Site
  • CACFP Child Nutrition Professional certification
  • Secretary, FCCAM (Family Child Care Association of Maine), Maine affiliate of NAFCC
  • Over 1,100 hours of additional professional training in early childhood development

My goals in caring for your child are to:

  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment that is as much like home as possible
  • Guide social development through positive interactions, building healthy relationships
  • Introduce art, music, math, literacy, language and science concepts through curriculum planning that is inclusive of all abilities and needs
  • Observe, assess and plan curriculum to encourage school readiness

Thank you for choosing Bouncing Bubbles Child Care. As a team, we can work together to provide a wonderful experience for your child.   At Bouncing Bubbles Child Care we believe…

  • Children should be in a home-like setting in their early years where they feel safe and happy
  • Learning should happen as a result of fun, developmental activities
  • Children should learn how to relate to others with respect and honesty
  • Time should be allowed for children to play in groups and individually
  • The family and the provider should work together as a team to provide a positive experience for the children

Bouncing Bubbles Child Care admits children of any racial, national, religious, ethnic origin, or ability level from all backgrounds, belief systems, family dynamics, and orientations. In short, we recognize and invite the participation of all people, not discriminating on any basis in the administration of our program.

We maintain confidentiality and respect the family’s right to privacy, refraining from disclosure of confidential information, unless we have reason to believe that a child’s welfare is at risk.

A copy of the State of Maine Rule Relating to the Licensing of Family Child Care Providers can be obtained at http://maine.gov/dhhs/ocfs/ec/occhs/cclicensing.htm.  See “Rules for Family Child Care Providers”.