Special Features

Home Start
Bouncing Bubbles partners with Home Start and Elevate Maine to provide data to show the impact of high quality care on children, families and communities.  We receive financial support as well as coaching from our Coordinator and professional development opportunities.  To learn more about Home Start, Like them on Facebook!

Our website includes all policies contained in the Parent Handbook.  You will also find our menu for breakfast, lunch and snacks and the vacation/holiday calendar.

Life Cubby
Families are invited to download the Life Cubby app which allows real-time monitoring of their child’s day.  This app provides notification on foods provided, diapering/potty learning, naps taken, meds given, calendar, activities, photos, and more throughout the child’s day.

Our Facebook page includes general information on our activities, administrative notes, dates to remember, articles on child development and guidance and other items of special interest.

Family Engagement
Bouncing Bubbles Child Care recognizes that families are the children’s primary teachers and nurturers.  We encourage families to engage in their children’s learning and development and support parent-child relationships.  We welcome the unique cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds of families and the community.  Parents are provided opportunities to participate in our program as volunteers.  Bouncing Bubbles also hosts two family events per year.  All parents and children enrolled are invited to attend.  These events allow families to get to know each other and have some fun at child care.