Supervision Policy & Floor Plan

The program owner (Chrissie) is on site at all times during regular business hours. In the event of an emergency that she must leave, parents will be notified.

Children are supervised closely at Bouncing Bubbles Child Care. The provider can see or hear all children at all times.

Children age 2 and under are in the provider’s line of sight at all times, except when the provider is attending to personal needs. The safety of all children is assured by the use of child safety gates and careful assessment of activities.

Safety, cleanliness and privacy for all children are of utmost importance while diapering, potty learning and toileting.

Children age 6 or under are not left inside or outside by themselves at any time.

Sleeping children are checked visually every 15 minutes.

During outdoor play, children are to remain in play yard or driveway. At that time, vehicle use of driveway is prohibited by safety tents and supervision is maintained.

Children are closely monitored at all times that sprinkler and other water play is offered.

No child can be left unattended in a vehicle at any time on the premises of Bouncing Bubbles.

Children are not permitted to leave the child care home without being accompanied by a responsible adult. The person removing the child must be authorized by the parent/guardian.

When staff-child ratios are exceeded or there is an emergency, every attempt will be made to locate temporary emergency staffing. If unsuccessful, some parents may be asked to pick up their children.