The primary goal of Bouncing Bubbles Child Care is to help children learn life skills through…

  • Social-emotional learning
  • Discipline
  • Self-regulation

To help teach these skills, we use the Conscious Discipline program that has 4 components:

  • Understanding that emotions dictate behavior
  • Encouraging adults to see discipline as teachable moments
  • Creating the atmosphere of family at child care that is safe, built on connections and focuses on problem-solving
  • Providing adults with the skills needed to transform problems into life lessons

The Baby Doll Circle Time curriculum helps create healthy attachments and increase the quality of relationships.  It uses this attachment in a social play setting to wire the brain for optimal development.

The Feeling Buddies curriculum teaches self-regulation skills.  This program provides a Safe Place where children can work on their emotional state with self-regulating activities.  Here they apply skills we teach that change their inner state from upset to calm.  The five-step process includes…

  • I AM (triggers)
  • I CALM (breathing techniques)
  • I FEEL (naming emotions)
  • I CHOOSE (accepting emotion)
  • I SOLVE (learning new skills)

At Bouncing Bubbles, we invest time and energy in building relationships, focusing on each child’s strengths and feelings in our interactions.  We respond promptly to children’s distress, believing that warm, caring interactions are necessary for relationships to grow.  We treat each child individually and give each child what they need to build strong relationships with adults and friends.