Discharge Policy

Child Withdrawal

If the parent/guardian finds it necessary to withdraw a child from care, he/she must give a two-week notice prior to withdrawal.

Child Discharge

It may be necessary for this facility to stop caring for a child.  We will give the parents/guardians two weeks’ notice prior to ceasing care.  However, in rare cases of severe problems, we may be forced to release the child from care without giving a two-week notice.  Care may be terminated for the following reasons:

  • The child is increasingly unhappy and unable to become comfortable with the family childcare setting
  • The child consistently physically or verbally hurts other children
  • The parents/guardians routinely abuses drop-off and pickup times
  • Failure to attend for three days without notification
  • Child care fees are not paid on time
  • The parents/guardians do not work with the childcare provider as a team to provide consistent guidance and discipline