Child Assessment

Bouncing Bubbles conducts assessments for every child enrolled, following a systematic process using Teaching Strategies GOLD (TSG).  This process is ongoing and includes observing and collecting information, evaluating their skills and comparing them to specific objectives of learning and development, and then planning curriculum to scaffold learning. We look for development in the areas of Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognition, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies and the Arts. By following this system, we hope to encourage school readiness and determine any needs that might require additional resources.

Information that is collected includes documented observations of children, photographs of projects or constructions and samples of their work. Observations are conducted at childcare during normal daily activities and routines and are sensitive to abilities and disabilities. Information from families is also helpful to track their progress and determine needs.

The collection of information is ongoing and assessments are conducted in February, June, August and November.   Parents/guardians will be notified when an assessment for their child is complete and are encouraged to meet with Chrissie to discuss goals for learning and development. All child and family information is confidential and shared only with professional resources with parental permission and collaboration.  Any referrals for professional services will be supported by Bouncing Bubbles to include ongoing consultation with families and professional resources.  Professional development for Bouncing Bubbles staff will include training in referral processes.