Bouncing Bubbles has added some new features to our dramatic play! We have a new Chef’s Kitchen with lots of specialty sets from Melissa & Doug – Bake & Decorate Cupcakes, Slice & Bake Cookies, Triple-Layer Party Cake, Flip & Serve Pancakes, Prepare & Serve Pasta, Press & Serve Waffles, Slice & Toss Salad, Pizza Party and many more! We also have a Diner with a Pizza Oven, Thirst Quencher Dispenser and Grill. Our Farmer’s Market includes a cash register and scales to weigh produce. Coming soon is a Grocery Store and Snack Cart. The children love the new materials and their imaginations are running wild with play scenarios.

The addition of these pieces is to encourage PLAY. Play is the way children learn. It is their work. Following are some examples of the different types of play and what children learn when engaged in that type of activity:

Make-believe is full of language, problem-solving and imagination. Symbolism and fantasy is part of this play.

Sensory play develops the senses with materials like dirt, sand, rocks and water – as in our new playground features. Other materials with interesting textures, smells and sounds are also fun for sensory play.

Construction play typically involves blocks and other building materials, but many items can be used to construct. Construction play teaches math, spatial relationships, measurement, problem-solving…..engineering skills!

The arts include music, dance, dramatic play, performing, creating, drawing and much more. Through art, children can learn to express themselves and work through their thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Gross-Motor play involves large muscles. Running, jumping, climbing, swinging, sliding – all help develop coordination and balance. Risk taking is often part of this play and is beneficial in teaching risk assessment, which is an important life skill.

Fine-Motor play includes activities such as puzzles and lacing, helping to develop dexterity.

Play with rules, whether imposed or made-up by the children, helps foster social negotiation and adaptation.

Language play is those silly little songs and rhymes that kids recite over and over and over. Through this they practice rhyming, alliteration, rhythm and many other language skills.

Let them play!!