Daily Schedule


Breakfast 6:30 AM
Free Play 7:00 AM
Circle Time 8:00 AM
Preschool 8:15 AM
Snack 9:30 AM
Active Play 10:00 AM
Lunch 11:30 AM
Quiet/Nap Time 12:30 AM
Snack 3:00 PM
Free Play 3:30 PM

* This schedule is simply a guideline.  Times and activities may vary according to our plans for the particular day.

The opportunity for outdoor play is provided every day – weather permitting (not below 20 degrees or above 90 degrees and not stormy).  Bug spray and sunscreen are provided by Bouncing Bubbles.

Parents/guardians are welcome to visit their child at any time.  Other visitors must make an appointment.

Families are encouraged to participate in our activities.   We are pleased to schedule time for families to share their special interests and abilities with the children.

Parents/guardians may call or text to check on their child at any time.  If we are unavailable, your message will be returned within an hour.

Blankets and/or stuffed animals are provided to comfort children at naptime if needed.  School-age children are not required to rest at naptime, but are encouraged to read during that time.

Each child is required to bring a change of clothing, including underwear, every day.  The clothing should be appropriate for the season.

Assistance with homework will be provided as time allows.  Internet access for homework is not provided.