At Bouncing Bubbles Child Care, we accept and welcome children of all abilities. Our program supports the full inclusion of children who require additional support because of a physical, cognitive, social or emotional need.

We believe that each child deserves an environment and experiences that promote growth in all areas of his or her development. We use program approaches that best meet the needs of each child and his or her family. Indoor and outdoor areas are arranged so all children can move freely and make choices based on their abilities, interests and needs. Opportunities are provided to participate in social free play and routines throughout the day. We provide developmentally appropriate group experiences and encourage the socialization of every child with peers.

Input from the family is respected, valued and encouraged as part of the decision making process for their child. We work with parents/guardians and early intervention professionals who have valuable knowledge and expertise to share with each other.

Bouncing Bubbles is committed to learning more about various disabilities and full inclusion as part of our annual training plan. We receive professional development in current areas of child development, research, theory and practice.